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Career Opportunity

Be at the forefront of an Evergreen Industry

Life Managing Director | 生命经理师

Provide pre-planning advisories for afterlife services.

Build Your Own Team

Flexibility that allows you to be your own boss and build a team to work together.

Be Part Of Us

Together with us, you are joining a team with proven results and trainings are provided to help you to reach your goals.

Heart To Serve

Educate in pre-planning, and be there to serve our clients, to ensure a grand final journey for their loved ones.

What are you in for?

Build a lasting career in this evergreen industry.
Give back to the society and help people to prevent conflicts with pre-planning.
You are in control of own time in this flexible working hours environment.
Tap on our dedicated resources to build your own empire.
No upfront cost to start, come in with an open mind.

Your success lies in your own decision.
Come onboard!