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Importance of Pre-Planning

It’s not only for yourself, but for your family too.

Have you ever wondered what will happen after we leave this world? Do you want to know where you will “go home” to? Do you want to decide on where you wanna “live at” on your own?

Here are 5 advantages of pre-planning for yourself:

  1. Have a peace of mind
    One of the most common events which is being ignored by a person during his time in this world, are afterlife affairs. Some people think that it is “not lucky” to talk about it, or even want to think about it. Pre-planning will allow you to have a better peace of mind when you have had your plans laid out. Your family will also receive the last gift from you, which allow them to heal and mourn peacefully.

  2. Choose what you like and how you wish to celebrate and be remembered
    You can get to make your own decision without causing any doubts to your family regarding your final wishes. Everything is taken care of and it just have to be carried out when the day comes.

  3. You will have the time to plan and take all factors into consideration
    With pre-planning, you will not need to make hasty decisions and everything can be carefully thought through. You will be able to consider all the different options available at your comfortable pace. Your family can also be involved and give you their opinions. Also, by planning early, your loved ones will not need to be pressured and rushed into making the funeral arrangements if you leave suddenly.

  4. Avoid family conflicts and frustrations (inclusive of finances) – 0% interest rate
    Afterlife affairs can tend to be costly without any pre-planning. Your family will not be forced to spend a large sum on a funeral all of a sudden. By planning ahead, you will be able to take into consideration your commitments and decide how grand you want your funeral and afterlife plans to be.

    You can enjoy the option of paying through an instalment plan over a short period of time which offers you an affordable rate with no interest. This beats having to pay a one-lump sum in an immediate situation when death occurs. This will help to lighten the financial burden and avoid any arguments if there are any disagreements of your family with the decision if no pre-planning is made.

  5. Protect against inflation
    Just like the cost of living, funeral costs are also rising every year. Inflation is everywhere. With pre-planning, you will be able to lock in the price of today and protect yourself against future inflation. Your family will also be protected from paying higher prices when a sudden death occurs.