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The Significance of White Roses

White Roses are a symbol of purity, reverence and eternity. Their everlasting elegance and versatility make them a popular choice for occasions in life. Today, we will share with you the use of White Roses at two contrasting events in life.


Being white in colour offers the visual advantage to White Roses, where they can blend in with almost any colour theme of decoration setup. As a Flower Bouquet, they can be paired with other white flowers such as White Lilies and Orchids. Also, you may pair them up with greeneries to get an organic feel that oozes class.

As a Bridal Bouquet, White Roses represent the innocence and eternal love of couples. Wedding is a celebration of their love for each other. Every couple will face ups and downs in their relationship. At every down point, it is a test for couples to overcome it together. Their love for each other will be the constant pull factor that holds them together.


Given its representation for purity, reverence and eternity, White Roses are common in funeral flower arrangements. They are used in Wreaths, Casket Sprays and even sympathy bouquets. White Roses can also be represented as peace. In times of grieve, bereaved families will want their departed loved ones to be at peace. Peace is also partly a sign of harmony and this is surely what the departed want for their loved ones to have.

The gentle tone of white offers comfort for the bereaved families. Also, a gentle reminder on the innocence of life. Life and death are part of our lives that we can never walk away from. It is how we journey in life that makes our existence worthwhile.

The Celebration of Life

The meaning on the journey of life is subjective to every individual. It is how we choose to impact others that makes the journey worthwhile. How we live our life brings meaning out of the values that White Roses represent.

Funerals and weddings are both celebration of life. During weddings, we are thankful for having each other in our lives. We are thankful for our parents for their sacrifices. During funeral, we are thankful to our departed loved ones for their sacrifices and their love for us. Purity, reverence and eternal love. The meaning behind White Roses makes them a perfect representation for all occasions.